Calabria, Italy


          About Odoardi

     The Odoardi family, of ancient German origin, settled in Calabria in 1480 in the territory of Nocera Terinese in the province of Catanzaro. They dedicated themselves to agriculture, adopting their territory with an eye for innovation and the constant aim of improving the quality of their products.

     The vast property spans from the river Savuto to Falerna, with Nocera Terinese at its core, a land particularly suited for olive growing and viticulture. The farm comprises 270 Ha of land and produces olive oil and wine within the Savuto and Scavigna DOC regions. The area of Savuto DOC extends for approximately 40 Ha and is located in the town of Nocera Terinese; the Scavigna DOC extends for about 40 Ha surrounding the town of Falerna.
The hilly landscape overlooks the Thyrrhenian Sea, across from the Aeolian Islands of Sicily. The vineyards are located at different altitudes, ranging from sea level to over 2000 feet above sea level.
The latest generation, Gregorio Odoardi and his wife Barbara Spalletta, continues the family tradition with commitment and success, obtaining recognition while entering important markets in Italy and abroad.