Bulgarian Heritage  

thracian Valley, Bulgaria


 About Bulgarian Heritage

     Karabunar Winery was created, inspired by desire to continue the tradition of making top quality Bulgarian wine and to keep alive our heritage. Vineyards are situated in two of the key grape growing areas in our country, planting the most appropriate grape varieties in each region in order to reveal the character of the region. The winery is located in the middle of the Thracian Valley near the village of Karabunar.

     The Winery is located 80 km from the country’s capital Sofia. The village of Karabunar is famous beyond its area for its first quality wines. Located at an altitude of 250 meters and with an annual summary temperature of over 4000⁰С the region has some of the best soil and atmospheric characteristics in Bulgaria for the growth of excellent grapes. Over 80% of the arable land in the region is planted with vines. The quality of the region’s Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety is among the finest in the country.

     The signature label line is BULGARIAN HERITAGE wines. Made exclusively with native grape varietals: Misket, Dimyat and Mavrud. The production process includes stainless tank fermentation and barrel aging for the reds, under the close monitoring of Chef Winemaker–Nadia Dulgerska, Winemaker of the year in Bulgaria–2013.


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