About Us 

Siema Wines is a distributor and importer of boutique wines from all over the world. We represent small estates, all family owned and managed. The majority of estates we represent produces less than 10,000 cases a year and many are under 5,000 cases a year. Our portfolio contains over 700 wines and a few beers and spirits from all over the world. We import wine representing the entire price spectrum, with an emphasis on quality and and value. Our wineries are proud of their country, region and land and it shows in their wines. They’ve been practicing sustainable agriculture long before it became chic. They cultivate their vineyards with a passion and dedication impossible to find with the giant conglomerates. The wines are naturally fermented, and cellared and aged without additives of any kind.

It is not easy to put a bottle of wine from small family estates in the hands of consumers. Small family estates don’t come with corporate budgets for advertising campaigns and slick magazine ads. Instead, we at Siema Wines rely on the clients and consumers who seek out these wines. Our clients recognize the importance of terroir, and the dedication of small wineries practicing sustainable agriculture. Our consumers are adventurous and curious, and they appreciate the opportunity to taste a varietal they’ve never heard of, and a flavor profile they’ve never dreamt of.

Our sales team is made up of experts from across the industry. We have sommeliers, former retailers, former restaurant managers, people skilled in specific areas of the wine world. We have four top wine experts who shape our portfolio, with all four specializing in a particular part of the world. Most importantly, our sales team travels all over the world to visit the wineries in our book. They have first hand experience with how the wine is made, where it is made, and who it was made by. There is no better way to communicate the quality of a wine than to witness how it is created.



Founded and developed under the direction of Emanuele Gaiarin, Siema Wines is a leading wine supplier to retailers and restaurants in its distribution regions. Emanuele and staff carefully consider and select the wines Siema represents, visiting estates all over the world. They work closely with each producer represented in the portfolio, ensuring the uniqueness, quality, and competitive pricing that Siema’s customers expect. Siema Wines is proud to have several in-house wine experts to design and manage several of the specialty portfolios: Siema’s domestic portfolio is designed and formed by critically acclaimed wine expert and Sommelier Andrew Stover. Siema’s Austria portfolio is designed and formed by wine expert and Sommelier Klaus Wittauer.

Our Team

Siema’s sales force is made up of  knowledgeable professionals. Their expertise in the world of wine is enhanced and developed with hands-on experience such as yearly buying trips and continuously evaluating new products, often with the winemaker himself, for inclusion in Siema’s portfolio. Contact Siema to find a sales rep in your area.


Service & Delivery 

Siema is committed to getting clients their product when they need it. Sales and office staff work closely with clients, both large and small, in order to ensure that the wine orders arrive at the right location at the right time. Siema’s staff recognizes that good, reliable service can be guaranteed by being responsive and flexible to the client’s schedule and demands.



The Siema team is committed to... 


Siema is headquartered in northern Virginia and has offices and warehouses in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina. The distribution region covers Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Kansas.


To be considered for the siema portfolio

If you would like Siema Wines to consider your products for the Siema portfolio, please send an email with wine types and pricing to info@siemawines.com. Product from Europe is evaluated at the European office or Virginia headquarters. All North and South American product is considered at the Virginia headquarters. See below for addresses. Please do not send samples without prior contact and discussion with us. Please do not send samples without contact information and pricing. 

Please do not telephone the Siema office to make initial contact.  Phone call solicitations are not considered.

Prior to shipping samples advise the Siema Virginia office so the proper paperwork can be prepared for the shipper. We recommend you use FedEx, Do NOT use UPS nor DHL. 



VIRGINIA, USA  Headquarters:

7721 D Fullerton Rd.
Springfield, VA 22153

  • Tel. 703.455.1200

  • Fax 703.455.1284

[Wineries: Please email info@siemawines.com for our consideration of your wines in our portfolio. Please do not telephone.]

Accounting: Mariana Hand / Cynthia Alatrista

Compliance / Marketing Director: Mary Elizabeth Gaiarin

Warehouse Manager: Pablo Monge

Customer Service: Jordan Halsey

European Satellite Office:

Siema Wines Europa
Via Ferrere 24
Treiso, Cuneo 12050


4811 Beech Place
Temple Hills, MD 20748
Tel. 301.702.3000
Fax 301.702.0777

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