Arizona Stronghold  

Arizona, USA


About Arizona Stronghold

     Stronghold Vineyards was formed by Eric Glomski (Owner/Director of Winemaking at Page Springs Cellars and previously Winemaker at David Bruce Winery) and Maynard Keenan (Owner of Caduceus Cellars and singer for some po-dunk band called Tool), to put Arizona on the fine wine map. While small bastions of artistry have made a few waves with wine aficionados, Arizona still remains a vinous backwater in the minds of the wine world. The potential to make great wine has always existed in the Southwest, yet the talent and willingness to invest here had yet to fully blossom until recently. ASV lies at the eastern edge of Sulfur Springs Valley in a small, unincorporated area known as the Kansas Settlement. The vineyard site is 80 acres with 60 acres currently under vine. The soils are relatively deep loams and clay-loams interspersed with cobbles. The vineyard sits at 4300 feet and experiences up to 50 degree fluctuations in diurnal temperatures during the growing season. Harvest usually starts in late August and runs into early October.  All wines are sustainably farmed.

     Acting as equal parts artist and craftsman, our mission is to be the transparent catalyst through which their wines express the story of their unique high elevation desert terroir.

     Arizona Stronghold Vineyards is an internationally recognized and respected vineyard and winery currently serving as one of the most visible figureheads for the promising Arizona wine growing region. They are passionately committed to cultivating grapes and crafting wines that are of the highest quality and the purest regional expression possible.


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