Bricco Dei Tati  

Piedmont, Italy


    About Bricco Dei Tati

The Bricco dei Tati Limoncello is made from locally sourced Ligurian grapes, where Mary Beth and Emanuele Gaiarin have a smalll mountain property in the Italian Riviera. The lemons are brought to their friend and neighbor, near the Gaiarin's vineyard in Piemonte, the Distilleria Beccaris. Beccaris was established thanks to a game of chance. In 1951, its founder, Elio Beccaris, decided to start its own firm but he did not know whether it had to be a distillery, a winery or a vinegar factory. So he made his son Carlo decide by putting three slips of paper with the three alternatives in a hat and letting him take one. It may seem like a random beginning but today it is anything but-- the Distilleria Beccaris is one of the more respected and hard working distillery in the Piemonte region.


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