Chateau Burgozone  

Danubian Plain, Bulgaria


 About Chateau Burgozone

     Within the territory of the vineyard there were remains from the ancient Roman Fortress of Burgozone. The wines and wine complex have been named after it. A lot of parts from ceramic objects, dug out during the planting and growing of the wines can be seen at the local Museum of history.

     The fortress has been situated on the ancient Roman road Via Istrum, which has connected Constantinople with Belgrade and has defended the Northern borders of the Roman Empire. Material proofs found here such as remains from jars and other ceramic pottery, connected with wine growing and wine making, date back to that particular period. This ancient tradition has had thousands of years of history here and together with active commerce along the river it has become the basis for the wealth and prosperity of the town of Oryahovo in the past.

     In 2002 they started the project for reviving of the traditional for this area wine making, which has been suspended during the prohibition in the 80s in the Soviet Union, imposed by Gorbachov. For this purpose a unique terroir of 150 ha has been selected at the southern bank of the Danube river, close to the port of Oryahovo over Esperanto island. During the centuries here it has given the best grape in the region. Apart from the own single vineyard, the complex includes a boutique cellar with the most modern equipment.

     The first results are more than encouraging – Chateau Burgozone Chardonnay, produced here, made history by winning in 2010 the first for Bulgaria Great Gold Medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.