Chateau Reaut  

Bordeaux, France


      About Chateau Reaut


In 2003, the prestigious Champagne house Louis Roederer decided to create exceptional Bordeaux for its international export sales channel. Following a comprehensive selection process and in depth soils analysis, the decision was made to purchase Chateau Reaut, 26 hectares located in the Côtes de Bordeaux appellation and with amazing potential: hillside vineyard with South exposure, deeply gravely soil with clay and limestone. In grand crus classé style from 2004 onwards, the vineyard was totally replanted with a high density of 5,500 vines per hectare. In 2009, the first vintage was produced with great results. However, in 2010 the strategy of the Champagne house took a new direction and in 2012 a group of 6 Burgundy and 6 Bordeaux friends, all passionate wine professionals, bought the estate from Louis Roederer.

Château Réaut is the first estate in the world to be shared between Bordeaux and Burgundy families. This unique and original combination is symbolized in the label’s crest with the leopard for Bordeaux and azure-gold colors for Burgundy.