Corte Alla Flora  

Tuscany, Italy


About Corte Alla Flora

     For over twenty years Corte alla Flora has been working patiently to select the best land, choosing with love the vines and the olive trees, taking care of them with passion, favoring nature and its slow times. With a consistency that only a profound respect for tradition can explain.

     Clay, calcareous soils,  give wines an extraordinary balance of tannins and perfumes.  In the area of ervognano - 35 hectares chosen out of 90 properties in the heart of the Disciplinary area - they cultivate the traditional Prugnolo Gentile, along with other red berry varieties that are fully expressed here: Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Vertot. They are also experimenting with an indigenous variety: the Pugnitello.

     They are in splendid Tuscany, the land of the Etruscan, with their great tradition, the innate elegance, the love of art and of pleasure.  Vines and olive trees have always been so well here that they are made of a wonderful garden of the land, known and appreciated by popes and kings.