Liguria, Italy


      About Durin

     The Durin farm takes its name from grandfather Isidoro who was know by everyone by the nickname of “Doro”, which in Ligurian dialect is “Durin”. The land has been the family’s property for generations. It is made up by many plots of land and some “stripes” of land cultivated with olive trees and vineyard distributed a bit everywhere on the high hills of the Arroscia valley.

     At the end of the seventies’, the Durin family business started its transformation thanks to Antonio Basso who left a medicial career to dedicate himself to the care of the vineyards. However, from the end of the 1990s, with the help of his wife Laura, the Durin firm is brought back to the past to retrieve old traditions and tastes of the local land. Some little parcels of land located in good positions, about 16 ha, are purchased to plant vineyards, and making a sparkling wine with the pigato grape lives on. This wine is refined in the fantastic Toirano caves with a special estate permission and is the winner of a very important international challenge. Autochthonous vines present in old vineyards are also retrieved. Although these vineyards have little consideration and their production is poor, they offer high quality products.  

     Today the Durin family forges ahead with the same curiosity and passion and will have soon two “green” wines without chemical additions or sulphites. A new entry to their growing-farm is their son Giovanni who is attending enologist at the university