Galen Glen

    Andreas, Pennsylvania


       About Galen Glen

The youngest son of a Pennsylvania Deutsch or “Dutch” farmer and truck driver, Galen grew up tending everything from vegetables to fruit trees to field crops.  Like most youth, Galen wanted to escape his family farm and fled to college, receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His professional career launched quickly and he was soon managing a 12 million dollar business.

 Interested in science from youth with a natural proclivity for mixing unusual concoctions (like perfumed toothpaste), Sarah eventually received a degree in Chemistry. Her professional career was focused on pharmaceutical packaging components for injectable drugs. But it was trips to Germany, and wine from Hawaii via husband Galen’s best friend, that collided to inspire Sarah and Galen to leave corporate jobs and acquire the Troxell family double century farm.

Twenty-three years young, the winery boasts numerous accolades and the praises of critics. Galen is the winegrower, sustainably nurturing more than 20 acres of vines. Sarah, as the winemaker, is proud to be entrusted each harvest with translating the story of the growing season and land into wine.  When not farming wine, Galen and Sarah enjoy drinking wine of course, cooking with Galen as head chef and Sarah as his ‘sous-chef’, and encouraging their three grown children to pursue their aspirations.