Rocche Costamagna  

Piedmont, Italy


About Rocche Costamagna

     On May 15, 1841, the Police Bureau of the Royal Military Command of the city and province of Alba granted to Luigi Costamagna, son of Francesco Antonio, the permission "for the trade of wine to the minute [...] for the wine produced by the grapes of his vineyards "in La Morra. In 1911, Francesco and his son Riccardo won the Gold Medal at the Grand Prix of the Turin International Exposition for having featured fifty years of uninterrupted production. 

     At the death of Francis, his son Ricciardo, lawyer in Turin and Alba, continued to manage the company with the help of his wife Maddalena. In the 1930s, after the death of Riccardo, Maddalena handed over properties outside La Morra, but not vineyards located in the Rocche dell'Annunziata. We merely cultivated for the family's needs, and most of the grapes were sold.

     At the end of the 1960s, the niece Claudia Ferraresi , together with her husband, Giorgio Locatelli, took over the reins of the family company, alongside the profession of painter and wine entrepreneur. Winemaking is increased with the planting of new vineyards and slowly restorations of the historic cellar premises begin.

     Since the mid-1980s, Alessandro Locatelli has been involved in all aspects of management. Significantly improves the management of vineyards and winemaking, cares for sales by expanding the sales network to four continents.