Piedmont, Italy


           About Salvano 

     Salvano’s history dates back to the 1930s when, surrounded by the vineyards of Diano d’Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, Mr. Angelo Salvano began producing wines in his farmhouse (then called “Grillo”). The fame of his wines grew. He attributed his success to the fruit of hard work and the love of a fertile land. After WWII, the family tradition of wine making grew. Saverio Salvano increased his father’s vision and with an iron will, enlarged the winery and moved to Valle Talloria , where the name “Salvano” became synonymous with quality wine. In 1982 Salvano grew again in yet another phase when Luciana Agnello and Piero Sobrero decided to realize their big dreams. They brought the company their ambitions and personal experiences to keep the traditions, tastes and smells of an ancient art of Langhe alive. During this phase, Salvano become a modernized company and successfully targeted a selected market with its high quality products.

     In 1991 the winery again entered a new phase. A new rustic style winery was built, reminiscent of the old farmhouses in Langa with arches and exposed brick. Salvano wines continued to gain notoriety, gratifying the passionate pursuit of quality shared by Luciana and Piero. In 1998 the family tradition added another generation when Luciana and Piero’s son Massimo Sobrero joined the company, as sales manager, followed by his brother, Alessio Sobrero as account manager in 2005. These two young men, along with their parents, are continuing the tradition of quality for which Salvano is known. Luciana currently serves as the General Manager and Piero oversees Public Relations as well as product quality. Today Salvano wines are recognized and appreciated all over the world. Both the classic line of Salvano’s great wines and the handcrafted and hand sealed special bottles, mirror the tradition and the innovation of Langhe, the cradle of winemaking.