San Lorenzo  

Abruzzo, Italy


      About San Lorenzo

     In 1890, Gianluca Galasso’s grandfather decided to transform the ancestral land into grape cultivation and thus began the winery. Struck by the extraordinary beauty of the hills, the lushness of nature, and the sweet and fresh aromas arising from the land, he realized that from the vines grown here, was born a good wine. Since then, nature has been kind to the Galasso family and every year, by the early warmth of spring to the cool days of September, excitement and trepidation abound with the beginning of the harvest: everything else is set aside and the grapes,the land, the wines, will take center stage. 

     Today San Lorenzo is the largest family-run winery in the province of Teramo, with 150 hectares in a single large plot that stretches over the crests of three hills.