Terrae Palmae  

Sardinia, Italy


About Terrae Palmae

     From Sardinia,the second largest island of Italy after Sicily, we bring you the wines of Terre Palmae, with two distinctive varietals and two distinctive areas of production for the grapes utilized.  We now showcase Vermentino in the Siema portfolio from the three main regions with their unique flavor profile and differences: the lightness and elegance of the Ligurian, the power and concentration of the Tuscan, and the strength and depth of the Sardinian.

     Carignano Del Sulcis is from a spectacular small island called Isola di S’Antioco just off the west coast of the main island. The vines are all pre-phylloxera, with their original root stock. Thanks to the distance from the main land of Europe, this area was saved from the ferocious pest.  Ranging in age between 30 and 70 years old the wine has an elegant ruby red color with intense aroma of wild berries and mediterranean herbs. This peculiar grape thrives near the coastline, rich in saltiness and mild climate.

     The white wine is the Vermentino di Sardegna, from an area called Marmilla, perfect for the cultivation of the Vermentino grape. This is also a type of vine that prefers the saltiness of the coastal areas, being widely cultivated along the coastal regions of Liguria, Tuscany, and of course, Sardinia.


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